NEW HORIZONS on the Paranormal

   This is a minimalistic landing page, but I'd like to give you an idea of what we are and what we've been
   doing nonetheless. As a Jungian analyst I've always had an interest in paranormal phenomena and,
   as a movie, I had planned on doing a project involving scientific investigation of said phenomena.
   While I have a number of non-conventional theories about the paranormal, the one thing I'd like to
   make clear is that I don't know what these phenomena are (I do believe that the paranormal covers
   a wide range of phenomena, including UFO's and the like). Hopefully science will, one day, answer
   this question.

   But back to our movie project: the footage has been filmed but, due to a number of circumstances,
   never made it off the editing table. While every site we've investigated was different, we've captured
   some truly extraordinary phenomena. Unlike other teams - not to mention TV shows - I've kept our
   team to the absolute minimum (3 people including me) and have spent hours alone in those in order
   to minimize any possible interference. I truly believe that some of the evidence we've captured is as
   close to a proof of the paranormal as it is possible to obtain in this manner. Our evidence includes
   the whole range of phenomena, from easily doubted orbs to unique (and unexpected) phenomena
   that defy any rational explanation.

   In the course of our research - conducted in historical locations across Europe - we've also conclusively
   debunked some of the things that are presented, again and again, on certain popular TV shows.
   On average, their footage may seem more spectacular than ours (a lot of which is due to editing and
   acting), but ours is real! Healthy skepticism (which is not the same as reflexively debunking everything
   you can't immediately explain) is a good - and important - thing to, and our investigations were
   conducted in that spirit. Distinguishing fakes from the real deal actually becomes pretty easy once
   you're acquianted with the latter. Of course I cannot prove that our evidence is definitely paranormal
   (how would one begin to do that?), but I'm willing to debate any open-minded skeptic (no point trying
   to convince people whose mind is already made up).

   I'm always interested in discussing the topic - don't hesitate to contact me - for more details and,
   hopefully, intriguing discussions. I still have hopes that our series will see the light of day (all it
   takes is more favorable circumstances) but for in the meanwhile, I will be more than happy to show
   extracts during events such as seminars, conventions, speeches etc. If you are interested just get
   in touch with me, so we can discuss the matter and determine if it's a good fit for both parties.
   I believe that I have truly unique and exceptional footage and information, and would love nothing
   more than to share it with the world!

   While this is certainly no substitute for a real site, let alone a movie or TV series, it hopefully gives
   you an idea of who we are and what we've aimed to do, as well as a way to engage with me (which
   I hope you will). If it leads to some form of collaboration between us, all the better!

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   people like your and me.

   © new horizons on the paranormal 2020